| By: Jonathan Ivarsson

With Onlive you can now sell tickets for Bitcoins, Ethereum and 2000 other cryptocurrencies.

How to sell event tickets and accept payments in Bitcoins, Ethereum and almost any other cryptocurrency. 

No matter which side of the fence you are on, no one can deny the growing relevance of cryptocurrency.

At Onlive, we have been observing the growing trend of crypto/blockchain/web3 events emerging and are happy to announce the launch of our new crypto-payment integration. 

This new payment integration will allow you to accept more than 2000 coins and make your ticketed events more accessible to a wider audience across the globe.

We know that many prefer to use fiat and this integration is an addition to our existing integrations with Stripe and Paypal for credit cards and Xero for offline invoices and your users can on checkout decide themselves what mode of payment they prefer. 

Here are the steps on how it can be set-up and used in just minutes:

  1. Sign up for an www.onlive.io account and a www.coinpayments.net account. 

  2. Under the Manage Ticketing & Forms page on your Onlive dashboard you will find the Crypto Payments tab. This is where you will be managing all the crypto integrations from. Here, you can then select which coins you will be accepting based on your CoinPayments account. 

Don’t forget to add in the Public and Private keys from CoinPayments. The API keys are easy to find from (here) and if you don’t have any existing keys you can easily generate them from this link (here). Remember to give sufficient permissions (here).

Proceed to select the coins which you want to be enable as payment and they will automatically appear in your Onlive dashboard.

Once saved, the registrants would then be able to select between the traditional mode of payments and cryptocurrency payments. Selecting cryptocurrency will then show the registrants which coins or tokens they can use to make payment. 

On submitting the form we will automatically send a payment for the guest to complete its payment.

The registrants will then be able to pay via cryptocurrency by transferring it to the given address within 8 hours.

As you can see, the setup of the cryptocurrency payment portal as well as the payment process is setup in minutes without technical knowledge. 

We believe that not only blockchain/web3/crypto events will benefit from this integration but also other ticketed events.

To learn more and signup please visit www.onlive.io