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simulcasting how to

What is “simulcasting” and how to set it up in under five minutes…

So, what is Simulcasting?

Adding secondary streams to your event live stream (or simulcasting) is the broadcasting of your events (simultaneously) across more than one medium, or more than one service on the same medium, at exactly the same time. Easy, right!

You may (for example) want to simulcast from the Onlive.io engagement app and also allow attendees to join via Facebook, Youtube , Vimeo or other mediums. Simulcasting is a great way to expand your event reach at (quite literally) the click of a button. So how can this be done? Well, read on of course…

Once you have your Onlive account and have set up your event,  you can follow the steps below to set up secondary streams linked to your Onlive.io studio:

Don’t yet have your Onlive account? You can sign up for your free account here or contact us for more information and to request a demo here.

Step One:

Ensure you have navigated to your event page
Down the menu on the left hand side, select SOLUTIONS followed by STREAMING STUDIO (the last option in the list)

Step two:

Click on the room you want to enter (the studio you wish to set up secondary streams for) and you will enter the main page for that room. Here you can ENTER THE BROADCAST STUDIO

Step three:

Under your stream settings you should see SECONDARY DESTINATIONS where you can add the information for your secondary destination as required (see: “Retrieve RTMP key” article for details on how to link your secondary platform to Onlive)

Want to know more about how you can specially simulcast  your Onlive.io stream to the platforms above? See our handy guide here.

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