| By: Silas Neo

What is a ‘Hybrid Event’… and why is it the future!?

As, around the world, lockdown measure are easing, people are emerging from their socially distanced bubbles and finally get to meet again! However, with this “new normal” the restrictions which remain is still somewhat of a challenge for bigger events. Step in… the Hybrid event!

A hybrid event is an event that combines a live-in person element with an online component. Meaning that not everyone needs to be in the room… and you can still have the wide reach you were hoping for. Hybrid events have been growing for the last couple of years, but their popularity has soared since Covid-19. A Hybrid event creates an environment where speakers and guests don’t always have to be present. It allows them to participate in Q&A sessions without being in the room, with chat and on-screen interaction functions.

So… what are the benefits?

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Social distancing required? No problem!

Social distancing is of course somewhat of an issue for those of you planning events. Taking into consideration new legal requirements in terms of numbers, venue size and distance to be kept between delegates can make events near impossible to host. However, by utilizing technology and making your event a Hybrid one… you remove all those hurdles! Vulnerable people, those who cannot currently travel and even just anyone over the attendance limits currently imposed by your government can easily log in and attend the event online. With interactive features including online chat, meeting requests and live discussion functions, your guests joining online won’t feel their experienced is compromised either!

Save Money

To put it simply… having less people (physically) at your event can save you A LOT of money. Hybrid events will reduce the venue size required, the amount of food and drinks you need to provide, the number of chairs you have to rent, translator headsets you have to plan for (did we mention, Onlive can add subtitles to your virtual event stream!? ;)) and so much more. Not to mention the reduction of food waste and travel emissions which is also a great step to reducing your companies carbon footprint!

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Reach a wider audience

When you host an in-person event, naturally, not everyone is going to be able to make it. Do they have an electrician coming over? Do they live too far away? No problem! With hybrid events, they can join virtually from anywhere in the world. Hosting a virtual event allows you to completely expand your reach.

Expand your speaker base

Along with Hybrid events being more accessible to guests, the same rings true for speakers. Running a hybrid or digital event and having some of your speakers participate online rather than in person means you can book that amazing key note speaker from half way across the world, that you could never previously justify paying the plane fare and accommodation for! It also makes it easier for a speaker to commit to just an hour or two rather than a number of days, opening up their availability… not to mention how these big names will then increase your attendance even more. Win-Win-Win!

At Onlive we can help you achieve maximum ROI by increasing your audience with a Hybrid of Digital event. With playback function, you can even continue to sell tickets long after the event ends! We’d love to speak to you and learn more about your event, so get in touch!