| By: Silas Neo

6 Ways in Which Onlive Makes Virtual Event Ticketing Easy

Virtual Event Ticketing

Setting a price for an event ticket is always hard work. Organizers must consider several things to ensure that guests get value for money and they can cover all costs to make a profit. To find the right balance between both, you need strategy and experience.  

However, just setting the correct price of your event tickets does not solve all your ticketing problems. The entire ticketing process may seem complicated when you have to use different tools for a seamless ticketing process while using the event platform for registration.  

When you choose a platform like Onlive that allows you to use the same domain for ticketing and registration, setting up events becomes much more manageable. Want to find out how?  

Let’s take a look at how you can make virtual event ticketing easy.  

1. Setting Up Group Tickets 

Onlive allows a group ticketing feature so you can set up event ticketing where one attendee can purchase tickets for several others. You can set the maximum limit of tickets for a single group purchase in the backend by following the steps here

By allowing group ticketing on the platform, Onlive makes selling more tickets to authentic attendees easier. When a guest buys multiple tickets on the event platform, they must enter the email address of the fellow attendees they are purchasing the tickets for.  

Now, when you organize an event on the virtual event platform, you can have complete control over how many tickets can be bought and what ticket classes will have group ticketing. This way, you can encourage attendees to purchase base ticket classes in bulk and achieve your event ROI faster. 

2. Sessions bookable by ticket type 

In any elaborate online event with multiple sessions, you need to add value to the numerous ticket classes. For example, it would be unfair to the higher ticket classes if the base tickets gave access to all sessions in an online event, and most people would then opt for the minimum amount.  

With Onlive, you can solve this problem in a jiffy and attach access to different sessions of an event based on their ticket prices.  

You encourage interested attendees to pay more when you give limited access to the lower ticket classes and keep your high-performing and high-value sessions for the higher ones. This gets you to your ROI goals faster and justifies the price to all guests!  

3. Add forms to your tickets 

Every online event organizer wants to get data on each of their ticket buyers to determine what kind of people are in the category of tickets. With Onlive, you can add forms to each of the ticket classes that guests will need to fill before purchasing their tickets.  

All of this collected data will provide vital information that can help you determine event success and adapt according to the market. 

4. Link your Xero account 

Xero is a one-stop accounting software that allows users to handle all their accounting requirements, like collaborating with their accountants to raise invoices on one platform.  

If you are looking to consolidate your online event finances, Xero can be THE tool to make your life easier. Also, you have the added advantage of linking your Xero account on Onlive so that all of your financial data from online events is directly fed into it.  

Sound convenient? Follow this guide to find out how you can seamlessly synchronize all your accounting data from online events with your business financials!  

5. Adding Payment Gateways 

If you are going to add paid tickets for registering to your event, you will need a payment gateway to help you recieve the money. This often requires downloading plug-ins and making other modifications to your registration website to ensure security, which can be pretty cumbersome.  

However, Onlive allows you to connect PayPal or Stripe to your ticketing forms with ease, and you can collect payment with no hassle at all. The process is so simple that you can set it up in minutes with little to no experience.  

6. Creating Vouchers 

Want to create vouchers for your event that guests can use during checkout? It can encourage more guests to sign up for your events and help you market the event. 

When using Onlive, you can create different vouchers with varied benefits, getting complete autonomy over their discounts.  

You can also remove and edit vouchers as you deem fit. The delete voucher option allows you to create limited period deals during peak signup phases to ensure more people register for your event.  

Didn’t you reach your desired target? Edit voucher details and make sure they are more attractive this time to get more signups.

So why use plug ins or multiple platforms for your event registration and ticketing when using Onlive’s all in one platform makes things so much easier?

Choose an integrated online events platform that allows you to incorporate all ticketing tools from invoice and credit card payments to public, private, and invite-only tickets with automated confirmation emails – choose Onlive today!