| By: Jonathan Ivarsson

Top 5 Most Effective Virtual Event Types For HR To Conduct In 2022

Today, a sizable number of jobs are remote, and professional interactions have shifted to virtual. As a result of such drastic changes in the workflow, HR teams in organizations worldwide are faced with the challenge of ensuring optimal functionality. In this article we have gathered top 5 most effective virtual event types for HR to conduct in 2022.

They have to make sure that all the processes in an employee lifecycle, including onboarding, training, and engagement, happen effectively. But many HR members today do not know what kind of events they should conduct to achieve this because usually, HR events are company-wide and demand physical operations.

Keep reading the article to know the different types of virtual events you can conduct to help your organizations function as effectively in the virtual realm as in-person. Also, discover how you can leverage all-in-one events management platforms to do so.

1. Annual HR Conferences

It often becomes difficult for HR to interact with employees effectively. They always have a full plate of tasks to ensure a smooth business function and optimal performance.

Due to a lack of proper communication, employees may not get the latest updates and will lose the bigger picture. Hence, conducting virtual HR conferences can help you connect with employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders and keep them apprised of the latest industry trends, developments, and innovations. This is the most effective virtual event types for HR to keep your workforce constantly engaged.

By using platforms like Onlive, you can host multiple conference sessions and bring in up to 100K attendees per session at a time. With the available networking facilities, you can effectively interact with employees, have productive discussions on future industry challenges, and offer tangible solutions.

2. Multiple types of Virtual Workshops

Workshops can enable employees to develop valuable skills and enhance their performance. Workshops you can conduct can deal with topics like employee onboarding, company culture, career development, effective communication, and even mental health.

Since the pandemic forced people to operate primarily from home, they may have more time to learn relevant skills and improve upon the existing ones. Hence, you can contribute to your employees’ professional development and career growth through workshops and training sessions.

In doing so, you can also make them aware of the company workflow, culture, management structure, organizational goals, values, etc. And with Onlive’s QnA feature, you can address their concerns in real-time and get actionable insights through their feedback. 

You can even leverage the poll feature in these workshops to get attendee feedback. 

3. Town Halls are effective HR events

Town Halls play a crucial role in engaging the team. You can have a guest presentation and dialogue using Onlive’s features like chats and breakout rooms. You can discuss revamping organizational policies and provide important company updates.

Such conversations can help you make key decisions on developing human resource skills and leadership, identify operational priorities, make strategic plans, and discuss the best HR practices for the company.

The employees can give their feedback on the HR services, which can be used to improve their workflow and provide value to the employees. Such events can help address organizational challenges, establish conversation and unity among different departments, align them with the company’s vision, value their efforts, and engage them better. 

4. Recruiting Events – the most effective HR event to attract new talent.

Hosting virtual recruitment events is an effective way to gather requisite talent and broaden the talent pool. This is no doubt one of our most effective virtual event types for HR as you can reach an audience outside of your geography.

You can also conduct virtual information sessions as a part of these recruiting events. You can introduce prospective candidates to the company and exhibit employee experience through these.

This way, the candidates also get the opportunity to learn about the organization without worrying about making a strong first impression. Hence, such sessions appeal to them and are ideal for recruiting.

You can also invite multiple company leaders and representatives using Onlive’s breakout rooms to split the attendees into small focus groups and have personal 1:1 video interaction. 

Recruiting events can help you build brand awareness, reach out to talented individuals who otherwise might not be familiar with your company, and build connections. That can happen on a global scale when you leverage all-in-one virtual event platforms!

5. Engagement Events

The HR team is the wizard responsible for implementing engagement strategies. Conducting fun events is integral to increasing engagement and enhancing productivity.

Such events help employees unwind and keep them motivated. Moreover, given the pivot to virtual, employees lack the engagement and feeling of community that comes from working in a physical office. Hence, events that promote engagement become all the more crucial.

Engagement events may include virtual parties, quizzes, games, fun competitions, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, comic events, holiday festivities, online cooking classes, cocktail-making sessions, etc. These help keep the employees engaged and foster job satisfaction.

In such activities, the employees are divided into groups, assigned interactive tasks, and must work together to achieve a common goal. It facilitates team building and establishes a sense of unity among the employees.

The virtual environment can be challenging for HR to fulfill its role effectively. Establishing effective communication, creating a stimulating workplace environment, engaging the employees, and aligning them with the company goals can be achieved via virtual events.

Following the right practices and leveraging all-in-one virtual event management platforms like Onlive enable you to curate an engaging workplace and meet organizational goals.

To know more about what virtual events HR can conduct and how to leverage a virtual event platform to do so effectively, try Onlive for free!