| By: Silas Neo

Webinars as essential tools for Content Marketing Strategy

Leveraging The Scale And Potential Of Webinars To Increase Your Brand Reach

Hosting webinars is one of the most popular ways for reaching out to new customers worldwide and building meaningful long-term relationships. A vast majority of marketers believe that webinars are more effective in generating qualified leads than any other content distribution channel. 

And many among them further confirm the direct impact webinars have on their marketing pipeline and revenue!

While essentially being internet seminars, they can take up different forms such as online demonstrations, courses, workshops, etc. They exhibit a vast potential in helping you reach new audiences and spread your brand’s awareness on a global scale, that too in a convenient and cost-effective manner. 

According to 99 Firms, over 95% of marketers consider webinars a vital part of their marketing efforts. To leverage their full potential, you should add webinars as a significant part of your content marketing plan instead of a bonus action to other promotion strategies. 

But how exactly do webinars enhance your content marketing, and why are they so important today? Here are a few reasons:

1. Lead Generation

Webinars go a long way in generating quality leads for your business. Having niche and timely webinar topics helps you attract potential customers with interests and needs that align with your company. No wonder 99 Firms says in its study that a single webinar can generate over 500 leads for you. 

All-in-one event platforms like Onlive allow you to simultaneously broadcast your event on different social media platforms in real-time, besides the platform’s streaming studio. It helps you enhance your reach and further increase your chances of getting targeted leads.

By spreading the word through social posts, blog posts, and email invitations, you can collect important contact information of interested attendees and potential business patrons, which can enable you to engage and take productive discussions a step further by following up with them after the event.

2. Effective Interaction

With webinars, you can achieve what you can’t with blog posts, articles, and social media, i.e., real-time interaction and engagement. Hosting such events on Onlive gives you numerous interaction opportunities through features like chats, Q&A sessions, live polling, etc. 

Besides that, 1:1 video interactions in your webinars enable you to simulate in-person interaction with your audience and add a personal touch to your brand introduction. This way, your audience not only gets to know and directly interact with your organization’s leaders and qualified experts but also to personally know your brand.

3. Reusing Content

Content marketers struggle with producing sufficient content to fill their distribution channels such as blogs, email newsletters, social media, videos, etc. Webinars allow you to repurpose your brand content into other content forms. 

You can break the topics and conversations into numerous podcast episodes, blog posts, infographics, articles, and much more. You can even make notes of the audience’s questions for future content references, put up memorable quotes as tweets, and share session slides and video segments on social media platforms! 

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Webinars enable you to access a global audience and expand your reach while saving much of your expenses. That allows you to invest that money in enhancing your marketing. And since they require fewer resources for production than in-person seminars, you can have a huge ROI against them.

5. Convenience

The audience can conveniently attend the event and consume brand content at a location of their choice. Onlive facilitates on-demand video and downloadable session recordings so you can make your webinar easily accessible and flexible for the audience to watch as per their schedule.

Features like these provide added accessibility and help you keep generating valuable leads long after the webinar gets over.

Webinar types for Effective Content Marketing

  • Product Webinars

Through product webinars, you can market your brand by demonstrating the use of your product in action and/or elaborating on its benefits and value for the audience. By doing so, you can help your audience know your brand better and convert them into loyal customers.

  • Q&A Webinars

Hosting Q&A webinars is an effective way of getting your audience involved and engaged with your brand. You can take up their questions and directly address their doubts and concerns about your organization and products. Besides that, you can ask for their feedback and comments.

By having such events, you can showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field and get to know your audience’s needs to help your business grow.

  • Educational Webinars

Educational webinars are detailed courses on a subject that is related to your brand niche and caters to the audience’s needs. With such on-demand video content, you can raise brand awareness through webinar content marketing and monetize your content while generating potential loyal customers.

  • Interview Panels

Panel-style webinars are the ones where you interview one or more prominent and established industry leaders. Such webinars help build trust in your existing as well as potential customers. 

Attendees can learn from some of your niche’s top clients, leaders, and influencers and interact with them. That helps boost your credibility and authority in your niche and increases the audience’s future event attendance.

Webinars can significantly affect content marketing by exponentially boosting your reach, brand awareness, and audience engagement. Therefore, they are rapidly getting more popular than any other promotion channel and will continue to do so. 
To know more about how you can use webinars to engage with new audiences worldwide and convert them into loyal customers and brand patrons, try Onlive for free!