| By: Silas Neo

How to Repurpose Your Virtual Event Video Content

You put so much work into your virtual event; finding expert speakers and offering rich and insightful content isn’t easy but, you did it! After the days, weeks and sometimes even months of work… it’s all over in an instant. Whilst it’s great that you can now have a rest, what if we told you your event could keep reaping the rewards WHILST you got on with your post event recon?

Here, we guide you through how to increase ROI by repurposing your virtual event video content.

Ways to Repurpose Your Virtual Event Video Content

1. Download Your Video Recording OnLive (for post event playback)

The ultimate way to increase virtual event engagement is by keeping your event viewable after the actual event is over. This can be done quickly and easily by downloading the video recordings from Onlive and either sharing or setting them up to playback on your virtual event app. 

With this, your event is able to remain online after the “live stream” has ended, and people are even able to log in and watch the content for a predefined time after the event. 

Click here to see how it’s done! 

2. Create an Audio Podcast Version

So many people out there are turning towards podcasts in order to receive the latest tricks, tips, and best practices. Imagine just how much content you can produce for a podcast with everything you have accumulated from your virtual event.

Podcasts are fantastic when it comes to your post event engagement because they allow you to reach out to new audiences across the hundreds of podcast platforms out there. All you have to do is turn your high-quality recordings into audio clips, and get the show on the road! 

Create an audio podcast from your virtual event content with: 

3. Transcribe Your Virtual Event Video Content Into a Blog Post

Let’s face it, despite the changes in technology, blogs remain a popular choice for people to discover things… at some point or another we always find our way back to them. That’s simply because SEO blogs are an insanely popular method of driving traffic to your online world – and they could give you the boost you need to increase ROI. 

Your virtual event content is exactly what’s going to provide you with all the material you need and more for your upcoming blog posts. It has already been created and all you need to do it move it over to blog form!

Keep in mind that you should aim for the topics that resonate well with your audience and ensure your writing style fits the person who will be reading it… and it’s really as easy as that.

Create a kick ass blog post using your virtual event content with:

4. Create a Short Teaser Video

Short teaser videos of your virtual event are also guaranteed to pull in a whole lot of traffic and increase attendee engagement. You can use snippets of your speakers to create bitesized videos that you can then upload to any platform you desire. 

We’d advise you use one of the platforms below to create beautiful content that will keep your viewers coming back for more. 

Repurpose your virtual event content into a short teaser video by using: 

5. Transform Your Content Into an Animated GIF

Whether you pronounce it GIF, JIF, or god forbid, JIFFE – making a GIF (yes, that’s the correct term) can show all of your viewers that you have a human side, or even a sense of humor. 

You can think outside of the box and make your viewers laugh with snippets of fun moments from each speaker, or, you can take the serious route and try to advertise your key speakers. After all, your virtual event speakers are the main pull factors, so why not show them off quickly and easily? 

Create a GIF from your virtual event content by using: 

6. Create a Story Summary or Trailer for Social Media

If you’re looking to increase event engagement, then a trailer or short summary of the event can be the perfect route to take. Summaries and trailers can be used on social media stories like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat,  or you can use them on follow-up emails, and even website landing pages. 

In this, you could get some of your virtual event viewers to summarize what they learned from your event! A proven method to get more people keen to view your content/learn about your brand!

Create a trailer or story from your virtual event content with:

So there you have it, six great ways to ensure your virtual event video content is the gift that keeps giving.

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