| By: Silas Neo

Integrate Xero with Onlive in 4 easy steps

Life is complicated enough, your event management solution needn’t be! Managing multiple event payments over different platforms can be a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to consolidating everything post event OR if you get payment query from an attendee. When it comes to matters of finance, you don’t want to wing it. SO! Here we talk you through the SUPER simple steps to integrate Xero with Onlive, seamlessly allowing your guests to pay by credit card OR by invoice on one platform.

Why Xero?

Taking it back a step, let’s quickly talk about Xero for those of you who don’t know how much about this incredible cloud accounting software. As one of Xero’s Platinum Partners states, “Xero offers your business a simple, yet powerful way to manage all your finances in the cloud. With Xero as your core finance system, you get real control over every element of running your business, from basic bookkeeping right through to efficient online invoicing, live bank feeds and detailed financial reporting”*. You can find the definitive list of Xero’s amazing features here.

Now you’re with us and understand the amazing benefits linking Xero to your Onlive account will bring, let’s get integrating…

First thing’s first, set up your Xero account

Don’t yet have your Xero account set up? Well, to integrate Xero with Onlive… it is a pretty key step! So, head over to Xero first and set up your account.

Next, set up your invoice payments via Xero. You can search Xero’s support articles here to help you if needed!

Okay, so Xero is all set up – now what?

Now you are all set up on Xero it’s time to integrate Xero with Onlive. In your event dashboard, navigate to the Registration Website module > Ticketing and Form then Manage Ticketing and Form Set Up (see screen shots below).

Haven’t set up an event yet? Not to worry – follow this easy guide to get started and then pop back here once you’ve done it!

Step 1

Navigate to the Registration Website module within your event dashboard

Step 2

Step 2 - Select "Ticketing & Form"
Select “Ticketing & Form”

Step 3

Step 3 - "Manage Ticketing & Form Setup"
Finally, select “Manage Ticketing & Form Setup”

Invoicing & Accounting Integrations (Step 4!)

Within the “manage ticketing & forms” page you will see a tab for “Invoicing & Accounting Integrations”. Click on it! Et voila… here you should see the Xero thumbnail. Select this and you will be prompted to connect to Xero.

Once connected you will see invoice settings appear for you to set based on your requirements (as per the below). The drop down options will appear based on your account set up in Xero (see explanation of each option below):

Select Organization – if you have multiple organizations setup in Xero, here you can choose the organization you require to be noted on the invoice
Select Branding – if you have multiple invoice templates, you can choose the required one
Set invoice Account – here you can select which account the transaction should be filed under
Tax Rate (%)- if any tax should be included on the invoice you can set the rate (%) here

Also File credit card payments in Xero – toggle this to “on” if you want Stripe or Paypal payments to be filed in Xero too
Mark credit card payments as paid in Xero – toggle this “on” to automatically tag credit card payments as “paid”. Note: Invoices will automatically be marked as paid in Onlive revenue reports once marked as paid in Xero.

Once you have completed the above… you are DONE!

When guests sign up and select payment information, they will now see the “Invoice” option (below) which they can select and it will trigger your invoice via Xero. This can be chosen for both one off ticket or group tickets.

Once confirming their payment method, guests will be automatically sent an email with a link to their invoice (see screenshots below). They can pay their invoice Onlive with multiple payment methods by their due date (as noted on the invoice).

A sample email showing what your guests would receive after check out

Sample invoice received by guests who can pay via the green “pay now” button

Once the invoices are marked as “paid” in Xero, this will also pull through to your Onlive dashboard making it really easy for you to keep any eye on your payments. Simple, right!?

Looking for more Onlive integrations? Check out how to integrate Salesforce with Onlive here! Ready to talk to one of our Sales agents? We always like to chat so get in touch!

*Why use Xero? Posted by go f18ure, September 27, 2018.