| By: Silas Neo

Integrate Salesforce with Onlive in 4 easy steps

You asked, we listened… Now, along with; Google Tag Manager, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Facebook…. you can now easily natively integrate Salesforce with your Onlive account! What’s better is, you are just 4 easy steps away from reaping all the benefits. 

Onlive’s integrations

onlive integration

Events are in many cases a very important marketing channel (perhaps the most valuable and costly channel you have). Integrating Salesforce with Onlive will make your events work for you, rather than the other way round!  

Why Integrate Salesforce?

We wanted a fast and secure way for our customers to connect with the worlds’ number one CRM system, so regardless of whether your event is virtual, in-person or hybrid you can continue to process and service your leads in real-time. And, with countless requests for it…a Salesforce integration was a no brainer!!

How can I integrate my account?

So now you know the AMAZING advantages… here’s your step-by-step guide on how to connect your Onlive account with Salesforce.

Step 1: Connect your Enterprise or Pro Onlive account With Salesforce 
  • Once you have logged into your account via Onlive.io, Click on the cogwheel located in the top right corner 
  • Select “Integrations” and you will be navigated to the screen below:

news onlive image

(Huh? Don’t see Salesforce? If the Salesforce integration is not available this means that your plan is not eligible for the SFDC integration.) Don’t worry though!
Contact us to talk about upgrading your plan.

  • Select “Connect With Salesforce” and authorize Onlive to connect with SFDC.

Note: Your SFDC account needs to be eligible for API access and your SFDC user level must be “Marketing User”.

Once connected you have two options:

  1. to sync all attendees you collect with Onlive with SFDC or
  2. to only pick certain events to sync.

The latter is recommended if you are running both internal and external events from the same Onlive account/team.

Step 2:  Workflow rule #1 – new attendee that does not exist in Salesforce
  • Set Lead Source – this uses the “picklist” (dropdown) values from SFDC so that you can tag your lead source as a Trade show or similar. If you need this setting to show something else you can define the sources in SFDC.
  • Set lead Status – also a SFDC picklist for tagging your lead.
  • Lead Custom Field – if there are any custom input (text) fields in SFDC that you would like to write information to. A pro tip is to use the short code [event_name] for a SFDC custom field Referral Source so that you know which event that this lead came from.  
Convert leads to contacts, accounts, and opportunities   
  • Create contact – converts the lead to a contact using the particulars recorded when they registered for your event. Note: this will remove the lead as it’s been converted from lead to contact. 
  • Create Campaign – this creates a campaign in SFDC based on your Onlive event name and then books all opportunities under this campaign. 
  • Create Campaign based Opportunity – books the opportunity under the campaign in SFDC.
  • Add ticket revenue to opportunity – Adds the Onlive ticket purchase value to the opportunity (duh!). 
salesforce 1b
Step 3: Workflow rule #2 – User exists on Salesforce

This option is for if a contact already exists on Salesforce but has no event specific campaign based opportunity. If so we can automatically create one for you and add the revenue generated to the opportunity. 

salesforce rule 2
Step 4: Workflow rule #3 – User cancels on Onlive

If a user cancels their registration using the cancel link found in their confirmation email we can automatically update the SFDC Lead Status. 

salesforce rule 3

Et Voila! That’s it! You can now sit back, relax and enjoy the integration. Now what are you waiting for, get planning your amazing events with more of our articles here.