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host an impactful virtual career fair

Inside virtual career fairs: How to host an impactful one

Virtual Career Fairs

The impact of the pandemic has completely changed the job market around the world. What was earlier limited by location is now wide open for anyone who fits best. This interesting turn of events has brought more opportunities to jobseekers and completely changed job-seeking. 

Gone are the days when people would have to travel from smaller towns to big cities searching for more opportunities. Today, even career fairs are virtual, and job seekers can attend them to work with the best from any part of the world.  

However, at the helm of capitalizing on this opportunity are event organizers. As the people in charge of making good connections happen, it is up to them to host impactful online career fairs.  

Today, we will discuss what makes a memorable virtual career fair and how you can host one.

1. Choose the right virtual fair platform 

Job Interview on a Virtual Career Fair

To host an impactful career fair online, you must pick the right platform that will allow you to manage the various aspects of hosting one seamlessly. When you host your virtual career fair on Onlive, you have access to multiple features that help you do so.  

From customizing sessions to branding and insights, it is a one-stop platform that helps you manage all aspects from end to end. Allowing you to employ its various features, you get complete creative control to make your career fairs enjoyable.  

A few of the features that make Onlive the perfect platform for an impactful virtual career fair will be discussed in the following points.  

2. Set Up Attractive Booths 

Just like a physical career fair, virtual career fairs need to look attractive to interest more people. You can have branded kiosks on Onlive’s virtual events and design your virtual platform using the following features.  

When your lobby looks more attractive and each booth has its personalized branding, it will be easier for attendees to look for companies. It will also have a more appealing presence, giving it an almost real-life feel. 

3. Stream Live Job Boards 

It’s obvious why attendees are excited to attend a virtual career fair – because they want better opportunities. When you stream live job boards, your attendees can directly see the open roles and the hiring companies.  

It gives them a better sense of direction between sessions. If the requirements match their profile, then they can seek jobs at the respective booths. It will also allow them to network with other companies and people in their field. 

4. Host webinars and guest lectures 

Not all your attendees will land their dream job at the end of the online career fair. That is why you must ensure some value add for everybody. Hosting webinars and guest lectures with eminent professionals is a great way to do so.  

These webinars will ensure all attendees can still take something away from your fair. Critical information that can help them hone their skills or pick up new ones relevant to their work areas. It will also enable them to interact with industry professionals and learn from their experiences. They may not come away with a job this time, but if they come away with something they are definitely more likely to be repeat attendees!

Onlive brings one-on-one interaction options, raise hand features, live chat, and Q&A sessions to ensure that everyone listening can make the most of these sessions. 

5. Gamify breakout sessions 

As the adage goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Gamification can help you make your virtual career fair a lot more fun.

You can gamify your virtual events on Onlive by following the steps listed here. A gamified event will make your virtual career fair more interactive and give companies insights about suitable candidates.  

It will be a fun way to learn more about prospective employees and a good incentive for attendees (if you can offer a nice prize ;)).

6. Create video interview rooms for attendees and companies 

The purpose of a virtual career fair is to help people find good roles for themselves and for companies to find the right kind of employees. Video interview rooms are a must to ensure a seamless hiring process for companies looking to close in on candidates.  

With Onlive, you can host special interview rooms for companies where candidates can give their interviews. You can also fetch candidate data beforehand by asking them to register.  

This way, neither the candidate nor the companies will have issues in finding their right match.  

7. Automate your marketing 

To host an impactful virtual career fair, you need to grab the attention of companies and job seekers. It means your marketing initiative should be well-structured and automated to ensure that every bit of it happens on time.  

With Onlive’s automated email features including invitations, and reminders, you can set touchpoints with your customers at regular intervals. You can also create customized registration forms and get early access to resumés, to give attending companies and guests a better chance of finding their best fit. Your event is always going to be on the top of their minds!

Leverage these pointers and make your virtual career fair more impactful with Onlive.

So, what are you waiting for? Host seamless virtual and hybrid events on the platform with ease – schedule a demo today! Want to learn more about how Onlive can help you? Read our other blog articles here!