| By: Silas Neo

Virtual Event Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement plays a crucial role in organizational success. Engaged employees are more productive, dedicated, and inclusive. And effectively engaging your employees can boost their retention rates and decrease attrition. Although employee engagement is held in high regard, most organizations struggle to achieve it.

As per statistics, over 85% of employees report not being engaged in the workplace. They work the bare minimum required and even view their jobs negatively. 

With the huge shift in workflow towards the virtual realm, the situation has worsened as virtual engagement can be very difficult. As a result, the employees fail to be emotionally invested in the company.

Prevent such scenarios by establishing proper communication and providing opportunities for immersive interaction and engagement via virtual events. 

Here are some virtual event ideas to better engage your employees and foster healthy relationships.

1. Polling

Conducting pre-event and live polls is a great way to interact with your employees and encourage them to share their opinions. It makes them feel that their feedback is being valued.

Through the data gathered from polling, you can get actionable insights and provide more value to the employees in future events. Relevant content also ensures that employees will be more likely to participate in future events, decreasing the chances of no-shows.

2. Gamification

All-in-one virtual event platforms like Onlive help enhance interaction in your events through gamification possibilities. You can assign the employees some creative tasks, instruct them how to play, and tell them what they’ll win! You can also allocate certain points to them on completing those tasks through the platform’s point system.

You can even assign points based on their level of interaction in the event. If they take part in the chat, use emojis, or interact with a session poll, they get points. On collecting a minimum amount, they get rewards. It fosters interaction among the attendees, helps them break the ice, and enhances their engagement.

3. Leverage An All-In-One Platform

Needless to say, interaction is crucial for employee engagement. Hence, it is vital to use an all-in-one virtual event management platform like Onlive that provides effective interaction capabilities.

Onlive offers rich features like polls, fireside chats, and QnA that encourage productive conversations and increase attendee participation by allowing them to interact during the event. 

It also comes with breakout rooms that allow you to break the attendees into smaller groups to facilitate more intimate and engaging conversations on a particular topic. They can also have 1:1 video meetings to take their discussions a step further.

4. Interactive Skill-Specific Classes

Image: Improve employee engagement

Hosting skill-specific classes are excellent for engaging the attendees and helping them gather new fun skills. You have a wide range of skills to choose from, including virtual cooking sessions, culinary tasting, cocktail making, yoga, self-help, time management, money goals, and numerous other fun tutorials/masterclasses.

When you invite experts and conduct detailed workshops/classes/tutorials, the attendees are able to learn something interesting and better interact and connect.

5. Swag Bags

Sending event swag bags to your employees before the event is a fantastic engagement strategy. Ensure giving them quality goodies that they can use, such as gift cards, vouchers, hampers, courses, etc.

It is also a great idea to send them relevant accessories in event kits that they can use during a workshop you might conduct, like the ones shared above. It gives them a physical and tactile sense of the event while sitting in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Make sure that you finalize all the event registrations at least ten days before the event because to send relevant workshop kits to your attendees; you need to have enough time for shipping and delivery!

6. Hiring Virtual Entertainers

Whether it’s a small or large virtual event, there’s no doubt that good entertainers are great at engaging the audience. Consider having virtual concerts or inviting popular standup comedians for a virtual performance at your events. They are immensely entertaining and provide the employees with much-needed enjoyment and a break from work.

You can hire sketch artists to make creative event notes for the audience. These can also be shared on social media platforms for increased engagement.

7. Use Social Media

Great social media exposure is a common consequence of an engaged audience. You can run contests there and ask the attendees to share creative posts on their handles. There, you can have your own event hashtag for the attendees to use when posting and for you to track contest analyses and results.

You can also ask your attendees to put their questions on their profiles using the hashtag. It will significantly increase your event hashtag exposure.

8. Trivia Or Quizzes

Having trivia or quiz sessions in your events can be a great way to translate in-person fun into the virtual environment. Current affairs, general knowledge, knowing your teammates, company history, memes, entertainment themes, etc. can all be great topics for your event quizzes.

Remember, the audience loves having a fun competition and winning prizes. Hence, consider adding different prize categories too. Such sessions can be a fantastic exercise in team-building, grabbing audience attention, and boosting engagement.

Engaging your employees means thinking beyond the paycheck. For them to trust your company and be loyal to it, you have to provide them with an interactive, engaging, and fun workplace environment.

The event ideas mentioned above can effectively help you achieve this. Combined with the right platform, you can foster productive communication and meaningful employee relations in the longterm.

To know more about how the right virtual event platforms can help you better engage your employees, reach out to us!