| By: Silas Neo

How to improve your email delivery rates

We are living in the era of technology and email communication is way up there. Amongst other mind blowing email stats*… it is said that 8 million emails are sent every second (EVERY SECOND!). And 74% of adults note emails as their chosen communication method (#guilty). The average corporate user receives 75 emails per day, so you already have enough traffic to compete with… without getting your event or marketing campaign emails pushed to spam. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen so… how can you improve your email delivery rates?

Firstly… Why do my emails get pushed to spam?

Without knowing WHY something is happening, it’s hard to stop it from happening.

Aside from the obvious (e.g. when the Prince of a far flung country emails to tell you he has been in a car crash with your uncle and needs financial aid), why do our emails end up in spam and how can we improve this? There are a few initial things to think about when looking to improve your email delivery rates…

  • Am I sending bulk emails?
  • Is my campaign consistent enough?
  • Are my emails being flagged as violent or offensive?
  • Do I regularly have email large attachments?
  • Am I blacklisted?

If you think the answer to any of the above questions may be ‘Yes”… read on my friend…

How can we stop these things happening and improve email delivery rates?

You spend all your time creating an email campaign to invite your attendees to an event, to have the majority stuck in someones spam folder? Not only is it a waste of your time but it will severely impact your campaign efforts. So, how can you avoid all your hard work going into spam?

1. Use a service to break up your bulk email sending

Services such as the seventh sense, break down your bulky email campaigns and send them out slowly which stop them looking like incoming spam emails to the recipient. 

news onlive

At Onlive.io you can schedule your emails in advance, this means you can break up a bulky send out of invitations and group your emails in batches. A sure fire way to increase your email delivery rate!

2. Clean content

Okay so you don’t plan on sending offensive emails BUT even things like having red text can throw up flags that the content is violent. Do a quick check of the words, colours and images you use before sending to ensure you don’t have any other reasons stopping you improving email delivery.

3. Keep it light

And by this, I mean… don’t give you email any more chance of being blocked that it already has by attaching large files which a lot of servers will flag and consequently reject. Streamline your email with hyperlinks to keep it off the spam radar!

4. Use email delivery tracking tools such as Mailwarm.com

Using a programme such as Mailwarm is a great (read: essential) way to improve your email reach and make yourself a trusted sender. 

how to improve your email delivery rates with mailwarm

Platforms such as Mailwarm are super easy to set up…you just need to signup and link your email account and you are ready to go! It really is that easy.

5. Spelling and grammar is important!

An email which looks hastily written and littered with typos is a big flag for spam and something which will be picked up on! Ensure you read, read and read again your email campaigns before they are sent! Not only do you want to look professional, but you also want to avoid falling into spam (duh!).

6. Email on the regular

A strong and consistent campaign will ensure that you gain a high authenticity rating, thus reducing the number of your emails falling into spam. Plan to email people every other week or once a month. Whatever your campaign is… just keep yourself in their inboxes! You can also use regular emails as a test to track who is opening your mails and determine if emails are bouncing, using programmes such as mailgun. Remove emails that regularly bounce back to improve your spam score.

7. Test your Email spam score and blacklisting

Once you feel ready to go, make sure you test your spam score (and see if you are blacklisted) with companies such as unspam.email.

Unspam email checks your links, domains, headers and body text amongst other things to ensure your email is as spam-proof as possible!

how to check your spam score

Know how to improve email delivery? Check!

Now you know what to look for, your email event and marketing campaigns will instantly become more successful. Using tracking and spam scoring tools is key, so make sure you take advantage of all the offerings available as you really will reap the rewards.

Now you know how to improve email delivery, you’re ready to send your event invites. Looking to know more about how you can elevate your virtual event? Find bags of our advice here! Or feeling ready to talk event solutions? Contact us and let’s start planning together!

*data source and more stats, click here.