| By: Silas Neo

How to conduct your Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a Virtual or Hybrid event

The AGM in 2021

As noted by Investopedia, “An annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of a company’s interested shareholders. At an AGM, the directors of the company present an annual report containing information for shareholders about the company’s performance and strategy*”. Unlike other events which have perhaps been postponed with the turmoil of the previous year, AGM’s are a legal yearly requirement and so adapting to the way of a virtual AGM has been essential for almost all companies.

Whilst a virtual AGM could seem daunting, when you use the right platform it really needn’t be.

Here, we highlight the key platform features which Onlive boasts to ensure you have a seamless virtual AGM!

Onlive’s features to help you run a successful virtual AGM


AGMs usually involve sharing lots of (private) company information and so using a virtual platform which is secure is essential. Unlike an in person event when you can see any potential threats to the information you are sharing and avoid them, online events can be much harder. Before choosing your platform, make sure you check their security credentials. For the essential points to look for when planning your virtual AGM, check out our article on virtual event security. You can also check out our Security and Legal information here.

Q&A Function

Q&As are important for AGMs and can ensure your attendees feel part of the session. Using Q&A with Onlive is easy to set up, allows for moderator approval and will instantly make your attendees feel more involved (both with a fully virtual or hybrid event).


Any one who has organized or participated in an AGM knows that voting is a major requirement. Using the Onlive platform, surveys can easily be set up to capture attendees votes on important matters.

Raise Hand function

Using our raise hand function, guests can signal when they want to talk, to be added to the stream. Managed by the meeting moderator, when the time is right for the attendee who wishes to speak to be added to the stream this can be easily controlled.

Unlike an in person event, this allows a little more order and stops people talking over one another!

Attendance Capture

It is important for you to see who physically attended the session and present this as part of your companies yearly compliance and with Onlive’s reporting you can easily have a report of who attended the session. Post event reporting can show things such as; turnout, logins over time, file downloads, article views and poll responses (to name just a few).


Have pre-readings for your AGM? No problem!

Pre-readings can be made available on the virtual event platform for attendees to read before the meeting. Documents to be pre-read can be easily uploaded on the platform which can be accessed via a weblink in advance of the meeting.

Meeting recording

Another benefit of hosting a virtual or hybrid AGM is that the entire session can be recorded (with Onlive this happens automatically when you “Go Live”) and viewed after the event. This not only helps with any record of the session needed (incase anything comes into question at a later date) but it also means the recording can be set up on the event platform to play after the event for any attendees who were no able to join in real time. A great way to ensure every member can “be part” of the meeting and not miss anything important!

Ease of accessibility

For those not so tech savvy attendees – downloading a phone (or laptop) app for a virtual event is no mean feat. However with Onlive, the virtual event platform is accessed simply by a weblink. Meaning no downloads required. Once registered the guest can simply be sent the link and voila! Less stress and more happy attendees 🙂


So you are all set with your event platform and ready to run the best virtual AGM. Here are a few additional things to remember to ensure your virtual/hybrid AGM goes off without a hitch:

  • Good sound quality is key! Avoid background noise in your streams by following our top tips here.
  • Ensure you are using a good, stable wifi connection before hosting/joining the AGM (don’t rely on starbucks free wifi to be able to cope!)
  • Testing/Dry runs are essential to ensure the organizer/board members/directors/presenters are clear and comfortable with what they are doing, especially if it is a new platform
  • Send e-cals – virtual events can be more easily forgotten as your guests don’t need to plan their journey (or make childcare arrangements, for example) and so it is less prominent. Make sure you send e-cals (or a reminder email) to the meeting in advance.

Looking for more useful articles? Check out our blog here. Looking to host your virtual AGM, get in touch with us today!

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