| By: Silas Neo

How to make your virtual breakout rooms more memorable

Virtual events have become the new norm. As event platforms adapt, there are new features being launched daily to make the experience as life-like as possible.  

One of the ways for organizers to interact with guests and attendees is through virtual breakout rooms. With the best video conferencing platforms, you can host interactive breakout sessions that are just as good as the main event.  

But before we move on to the how, let’s take a brief look at what breakout sessions are.  

What are breakout rooms? 

In a breakout room, attendees of a conference “break out” in smaller groups for more intimate discussions.

Breakout rooms are standard and happen in parallel with the larger event. These sessions are an excellent method for engaging conversations on a more specific topic.

The one-on-one communication that breakout rooms allow is a huge benefit for online events as it adapts for attendees with a different learning style. 

Let’s look at how you can make your breakout rooms as memorable as the main event.  

1. Ask your attendees 

There is no set pattern for the right kind of breakout rooms. Not sure what kind of structure will benefit your attendees… ask them!

You can use your pre-event surveys to get the information and design your breakout rooms accordingly. Design your sessions keeping the larger theme or track in mind. Onlive allows you to conduct pre-event surveys and get the insights you need for your breakout sessions.  

2. Ask Me Anything Sessions 

Giving your attendees an “Ask Me Anything” session with a leading expert allows them to have an insightful and intimate conversation with the speaker. This type of session is interactive for the audience and allows them to ask questions with a smaller audience. 

If you want to make your breakout sessions unmissable, then this is undoubtedly something to look into. Try to schedule the session with the most famous experts and thought leaders to attract attendees.  

3. Virtual Debates 

When you have an attendee list looking to engage in insightful two-way conversations, virtual debates are a great way to make breakout sessions more interactive. You can choose to divide the room participants into two different teams and pick topics related to the event theme. 

It will be an excellent way for guests to engage and have breakout sessions that are so engaging.  

4. Speed Networking 

Speed networking or 1:1 video networking allows attendees to meet new people at random in breakout rooms. It is a great way to build new professional connections, find common interests, and make collaborative choices.  

It takes very little time, and the audience can choose to end the conversation at their convenience and move on to the next one.  

5. Presentation-style breakout rooms

Presentation-style breakout sessions are a great way to share everyday experiences, studies, anecdotes, and statistics. It gives every attendee a unique chance to bring what they do to the table and showcase their expertise to other guests.  

That becomes an excellent opportunity to talk about their work and goals and network with other people they might collaborate with later.  

Now that we have explored making breakout sessions more engaging and interactive let’s look at how Onlive features can help us seamlessly host these events.  

– Running Breakout Rooms 

With Onlive, you can efficiently run breakout rooms by selecting a moderator or event admin and following the steps in this guide. It enables attendees to sign up directly for breakout sessions earlier and be ready to participate in new conversations.  

You can use the session booking features that allow you to choose the capacity along with custom and conditional fields to help you stage breakout rooms with like-minded attendees.

– Concurrent streams 

Since the platform allows multiple streams to run at once during an event, it will also enable you to have numerous breakout sessions. With a more significant number of breakout possibilities, you can take the effort to create rooms with attendees that will benefit from each other’s work and experiences.  

– Gamification 

The gamification feature on Onlive allows you to make breakout sessions fun. It could be a chance for the attendees to come and refresh themselves by participating and interacting with other people before they go back to soaking the knowledge from the main event.  

– Attendee and speaker interactions 

The attendee and speaker interactions on Onlive allow people to react to the propositions of others. It makes it a life-like engagement activity where people can respond and actively participate.  

It also allows up to 15 speakers on its web studio, allowing breakout sessions to be a lot of fun.  

So there you have it! Follow the above tips and host engaging, interactive virtual breakout rooms as memorable as the main event. Book an Onlive demo today to know more!