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How to increase invitation email conversion rate

So you’ve just designed your registration website and got your invite list ready? It sounds like the only thing left to do is to send out those invitation emails! There’s actually more to effective email design than you think. Here are some tips and best practices to avoid those pesky spam filters and increase your opening rate.

Outlook limits your creativity
Less is more when it comes to email design as Microsoft Outlook dictate what we can and can not do. The list is long of what Outlook doesn’t support but to mention a few restrictions – it doesn’t support background images, animated GIFs, scripts or even show images by default.

If you work in an office, you’re likely to be very familiar with Microsoft Outlook. When it comes to email design, Outlook have a strong command over what we can or cannot do. There are quite a few limitations that email designers face because Outlook has the following restrictions:

  • No support for animated GIFs
  • No support for scripts
  • Images aren’t shown by default (see image below)

Email with blocked images

This doesn’t look like a very enticing email, does it? Let’s see how we can improve it.

Use actual texts in the email, not texts in images
By adding text inside of content blocks with background colors, we can make our titles and sections easily detectable even if your images are blocked. Your recipient should be able to see what your email is about even if they haven’t opted to download the images.

Banner example

Use an enticing subjects that capture interest.
Capture your invitee’s attention by addressing them directly in the email subject.

personalized subject

In Onlive’s system you can do this by using short-codes such as [name] and [company] to personalise subjects and content.

Give your recipient a way to take action
Use call-to-actions in your email so they know exactly what they need to do! Include both “register” and “decline” buttons so that you can target your future emails more accurately. Leave already registered guests out of future reminder emails.

Less (imagery) is more!
Limit the amount of images to maximum 30% of the entire email. Use plain text as much as possible to get your point across. This helps to lower the chance of your email being marked as spam or going to your recipient’s junk mail.

Test your email
To test your email spam score we recommend using a mail tester to tweak and improve your content until you get a perfect score.

Monitor your email opening, bounce, and click rate
Finally, monitor your email sending by using our dashboard to track your email performance.

email reports

At Onlive we’ve built our email designer and reporting with this in mind. Sign up for a free account here.

Best of luck!