| By: Silas Neo

How to host your virtual town hall

Town halls (often done quarterly within companies) play a critical role in- 

  • Bringing the company together
  • Initiating a productive conversation between the employees and management 
  • Making meaningful connections 
  • Discussing crucial agendas, and 
  • Effectively engaging employees

Whilst the pandemic has made hosting in-person town halls challenging, and a lot of organizations no longer have the luxury of gathering all employees together to under one roof. You can still host town hall meetings that can be as engaging and productive as before. As organizations are shifting to more permanent remote working structures, it’s essential to adapt town hall meetings to a virtual space. 

To do so, you can leverage all-in-one virtual events platforms (such as Onlive) and achieve effective communication and networking similar to in-person town halls. But what benefits does hosting virtual town halls offer? And how can you receive them?

Why Go Virtual?

Virtual town halls are immensely beneficial over in-person ones as they-

Are easier to host and attend

Comprehensive events platforms like Onlive have made the lives of meeting planners and attendees much easier. Event planners can easily leverage the platform’s extensive capabilities and effectively execute their town hall meetings online.

It is also easier for attendees to attend the meeting as there is no requirement to reach a specific event venue. They can attend it from anywhere, and all they need is a stable device with a good internet connection.

Can reach large audiences on a global level

Onlive being an all-in-one virtual event platform can help you extend your event hosting capabilities and reach a wider audience in your town hall meetings. 

While most virtual event platforms might struggle to host more than 500 or 1000 attendees, Onlive facilitates up to 100K attendees, in a stable and scalable way.

Provide interaction opportunities

You can make your town halls more interesting, interactive, and engaging for your attendees by using polling, Q&A, online quizzes, status updates, and other gamification activities.

Provide on-demand video accessibility

Onlive provides on-demand video where the sessions can be recorded beforehand and shown on the platform for the audience. Live sessions can also be recorded for later viewing on the platform.

Access to event reports

With Onlive, you can get detailed event reports on attendance, registration, revenue, sessions and so much more! These reports help you measure event success/effectiveness and get actionable data to help make informed decisions for your next meetings.

Virtual town hall meetings are much more cost effective

Because of remote attendance, virtual meetings can save you the costs of venue booking, travel, accommodation and food and hence are far more cost-efficient than in-person meetings.

So How Do You Host Virtual Town Halls?

Here are a few steps you can follow to host your virtual town halls effectively:

Involve your attendees in the planning

Creating an authentic virtual town hall experience starts with good planning. Hence, it is crucial to have a few attendees together as planning representatives to know your audience’s thought process about your event beforehand. 

You’ll be able to gain insights on what kind of experience they are looking for and therefore what platform features can be leveraged.

It is also important to address and compromise between the different time zones of your geographically dispersed attendees to let them feel their time is valued.

– Use the right platform

Choosing the right virtual events platform is the key to your virtual town halls’ success. A good all-in-one platform will provide you with all the necessary tools to help your town halls succeed. These include-

  • Stability to facilitate large scale attendee participation 
  • Quality video streaming
  • Easy customizability
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interaction features, etc.

Send a worthwhile invitation.

Image: https://www.Onlive.io/

Sending an event invitation is not just about requesting people to attend the meeting but more about inviting them to be a part of the conversation. With Onlive’s email sender, you can send meaningful and customized invitation emails to people. 

You can add your event agenda and other relevant information, the company’s logo, banner, and a customizable ‘Register Button’ to help them access your event website directly from the email and register themselves. 

Furthermore, consider inviting questions from them in advance through the invitation to create anticipation for your event and keep your virtual audience involved. 

Onlive also allows you to send pre-event nudgers to the pending invitees to remind them about your upcoming town hall.

– Utilize live Q&A

Virtual town halls provide a platform to discuss company agendas and goals and for the employees to ask questions and interact with the management. This is something that you must never compromise with!

Make sure to allocate sufficient time for a live Q&A session and choose the most crucial ones to answer during the event. Also, don’t forget to follow up with the team post-event with the remaining answers.

Boost the interaction and networking

It might be hard for the attendees to have a conducive and distraction-free atmosphere for the meeting, similar to an in-person one. Hence it is vital to keep them engaged during the event and have them interact among themselves.

Activities like polls, contests, quizzes, etc., really help here. You can use Onlive’s 1:1 video meeting, and breakout room features to help your attendees boost their networking.

Acknowledge your attendees’ presence

Making your virtual audience feel valued and acknowledged for their time and presence is very important. With Onlive, you can send a thank you email to those who joined your meeting. It helps boost their morale and engages them for your next meetings.

To know more about how you can get the desired outcome from your town halls and make them more engaging, get in touch with Onlive! Want to know more about our services? Read more from our blog here!