| By: Silas Neo

How to Establish Effective Networking in Your Next Virtual Event

Networking plays a vital role in making a virtual event successful. Not only that but, attendees can forge long-term professional and personal relationships at events with a good networking platform.

But often, hosts are unable to get the desired outcome from their events as they find it hard to provide their attendees with good networking opportunities. 

Why does this happen? And how can you establish effective networking in your virtual events? 

Where Do The Hosts Fall Short? 

In a survey run by Techjury, over 70% of participants say that virtual events like digital conferences and meetings lack good networking opportunities. Networking is one of the biggest challenges that event hosts face in organizing virtual events because they do not have access to the right event platforms.

Furthermore, attendees do not have the right platforms which enable them to share their networking preferences and find suitable matches. As a result, the virtual event does not give the opportunity for attendees to interact with the right people and engage in meaningful relationships.

Using the Right Technology to Achieve Effective Networking

To provide various networking opportunities in virtual events, you can leverage robust online event platforms such as Onlive. Onlive is an easily accessible end to end online event platform that facilitates:

  • Attendee networking through one-on-one video meetings
  • Hidden matching criteria to provide the best networking matches for your attendees
  • The opportunity for attendees to ask survey questions to others, helping them match with suitable people to network with
  • Adding networking time slots with customizable opening hours for the attendees

To enhance the networking in your events, you can leverage the following core features of the platform:

Breakout Rooms

Image: https://www.onlive.io/

Onlive allows you to create spaces for virtual networking by setting up Breakout Rooms in your virtual event. These virtual rooms can either be used as places to have small conversations with like-minded people or as sponsor rooms. Done right, your attendees will get more exposure to the right people and be able to make meaningful connections.

Each of these rooms can hold up to 19 people and you can create as many breakout rooms for your event as you need. Moreover, you can decide on a dedicated time slot for your breakout rooms to go live and be open for guests.

As a host, this feature will help you to-

  • Provide your attendees with a natural and less formal networking environment
  • Give them opportunities to explore their ideas
  • Reduce event fatigue
  • Boost their participation and attendance in future events
  • Allow your attendees to break the ice for future deeper conversations with ice-breaking activities
  • Conduct short brainstorming sessions or have casual interactions
  • “Speed date” with one on one video calls… and much more!


With the Chat feature, you can provide your attendees with the opportunity to participate in productive discussions and enable a string of meaningful conversations for networking. This feature allows them to message one another, see the responses and reply to their fellow attendees. 

Meeting Booking

With the Meeting Booking function, your attendees can book one-on-one meetings with others, blocking out the times they don’t wish to have any meetings.

Such face-to-face communication allows them to network better and builds trust and credibility for authentic professional relationships.

Business Matching

The Business Matching feature allows the attendees to network in a structured and efficient manner by identifying and matching themselves to people with common professional interests. They can add their own networking preferences and find someone who matches their requirements. The platform asks the attendees a few questions to get information about them and their matching preferences. If they match, they can network. Otherwise, they are brought back to the full attendee list.

Using this feature allows your attendees to find mutually beneficial opportunities and build cooperative connections. This feature is great  for networking in events like:

  • Career fairs
  • Startup and innovation events
  • Research events
  • Commerce and business events, etc.

So there you have it!

Now that you know the ways you can leverage the different networking features of Onlive, there is no reason for you to compromise with the attendee networking at your next virtual event.

Want to know more about the platform’s virtual event solutions and find out how you can leverage them to host successful virtual events in the future? Feel free to get in touch with us!