| By: Silas Neo

hosting a successful virtual event

4 key aspects of hosting a successful virtual event

Working from home has become the ‘new normal’ of 2020. With this shift, companies are having to find new creative and innovative ways to communicate with their employees. Restrictions around large groups of people meeting has naturally pushed events into the digital sphere. Meaning, hosting a virtual event has quickly become the norm. And whilst this can be very daunting to businesses that have never done something like this before, it needn’t be. Many companies worldwide have been hosting virtual events long before the pandemic hit. Proof, that with the right technology it really doesn’t have to be a scary prospect and can be accessible to all.

Here we will discuss the four key aspects of hosting a successful virtual event.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail…

Like most things in life, preparation is key. If your virtual event has a lot of components, then you need to make sure these are all, individually well thought out. Have all speakers been made aware of their timings? Does everyone have the right technology downloaded and correct logins? Are all slides ready? Can the platform you are using support all the people on your call and the information you need to be sharing seamlessly? These are just a handful of the questions you should be asking yourself in advance of your virtual event, it may seem a lot but setting a good foundation will make your event (virtual or otherwise) run smoothly!

Dry runs are worth it!

Before the big day, test everything. Get a small team together with modern browsers to test the systems and all the technology you will be using. We recommend using WebRTC tester  to verify that their browser is up to date and SpeedTest.net to verify that their internet speed is a minimum 5mbit. We’d recommend doing a dress rehearsal, running through your event from start to finish. This really is the best way to prepare for anything which could go wrong and rectify it before it happens in front of your audience!

Have adequate support on hand

What differs from a in person event to a virtual event is that (figuratively) your Internet holds a lot of power! What would happen if a key speaker lost their internet connect? Have a team of people ready to step in if something like this happens. You don’t want to rely on one person to run a section or even worse the whole event and then find that their WiFi isn’t working that day so it can’t go ahead.

To host a successful virtual event… having the right technology is essential!

Technology that is designed specifically for virtual events is available and definitely something worth investing in. At Onlive we support virtual events and with our technology you can take full control of your live broadcast and pre-recordings. The platform allows you to share screens, run Q&As, take polls and add subtitles all from one easy to navigate place. Onlive.io makes running successful events so much easier, smoother and more professional. So, what are you waiting for? Find out more by getting in contact with us today!

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