| By: Silas Neo

How Startups Can Leverage Virtual Events For Their Growth

Growing your startup with virtual events

When the pandemic lead to wide spread social distancing and invaded all aspects of our work, virtual events helped many startups and businesses make and maintain connections. 

Virtual events provide huge possibilities to take your startup to new heights and evolve with trends. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the numerous opportunities generated by virtual events are considered a success factor by over 87% of marketers surveyed by markletic

With an all-in-one virtual events solution like Onlive, the alternative to in-person events will help you create brand awareness and drive your startup’s growth. Discover how you can leverage the platform and select the right strategies to effectively engage and network with your audience.

So… how can virtual events help your startup grow?

Increase brand reach to a global level

Today, there are over 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, and among them, over 4.32 billion people use mobile devices to access the net. Platforms like Onlive let you host up to 100k attendees per event which opens up the possibility of new stakeholders and leads. Where before you may have only been able to host 100 pax, virtual events can help introduce your brand to an exponentially wider audience than in-person events. 

Host Webinars

Over 73% of sales leaders and B2B marketers consider webinars the best way to generate high-quality leads. Webinar speaker panels, presentations, demos and workshops effectively help capture your audience’s attention and convert them. 

A properly executed, informative, and engaging webinar can meet or exceed your brand expectations and increase future participation. The fact that your audience takes time to listen to your presentation shows that it is interested in your brand. And platforms like Onlive help you make their experience engaging and worthwhile.

Reduced costs

With virtual events, you can remove expenses such as on site logistics, venue, staff, transport, food and equipment. This saved money can be invested in your event platform and marketing to gain bigger and better event traction. Even then, you will likely have less outgoings than for a physical event.

Gather useful data

For most organizers, data collection is one of the most crucial aspects of virtual events. Information from Onlive’s detailed event reports is the new currency for marketing experts to sell their brand.

A few examples of the data Onlive can help you collect:

  • Total number of registrations and attendees
  • Total revenue
  • Transactions
  • Turnout
  • Geographical location of attendees
  • Sessions attended
  • Stream views
  • Questions asked

With this information you can do so much! From identifying and tracking KPIs to learning your audiences’ content preference (and so much more). This gives you a better chance to win more long term leads and keep people coming back again.

Conduct Polls

Over 81.8% of virtual event organizers use polling in their events to enhance interaction and grab the audiences’ attention.

This is because polls can give you valuable insights into what your audience thinks about your event and help you generate qualified leads. You can further use the results to generate personalized follow-ups post event.

Repurpose your content

Onlive allows you to record your session streams and use them as different content types. For instance, you could publish clips on social media platforms or create graphics of important stats and quotes from the event.

You can also convert the recordings into informative and actionable blog posts. This helps generate new leads, convert them into paying customers and expand event ROI.

Provide networking opportunities

Images: https://www.Onlive.io/

68% of marketers say that one-on-one meetings in virtual events help them improve audience satisfaction.

Onlive helps you boost event networking and lead generation by allowing your attendees to interact in breakout rooms and have one-on-one video meetings. You can also customize your digital environment with enhanced interaction and engagement opportunities through live Q&A, polling, magic links, gamification and quizzes. Thus, converting your audience from spectators to active participants.

You can also leverage some of the platform’s other valuable features like on-demand video, downloadable recording of live streams, concurrent streams and real-time streaming (RTMP) to-

  • Drive brand interest
  • Provide your attendees with a positive event experience
  • Increase ROI
  • Reach potential customers on a large scale
  • Convert prospects into leads

Social media integration

Over 60% of virtual event organizers use social media to promote their events and drive event registrations. Platforms like Onlive help you integrate social media handles to increase your reach, networking and event ROI.

The platform facilitates simulcasting, where you can simultaneously broadcast your events on different social media platforms. You can also create awareness about your event by asking your sponsors and partners to promote the event through social video posts, blogs, and stories.

Onlive’s communication channel lets you use email to market your event and convey engagement by sending invitations, nudgers, future event news, announcements and updates. And, when nearly 76% of marketers consider email to be the single most effective means to drive significant registrations… you cannot undermine its potential.

Enhance your branding with a custom event website

Image: https://www.Onlive.io/

By using a feature-rich, customizable, and easily accessible virtual event platform such as Onlive, you have the ability to create a custom registration website for your event where you can entice your guests to sign-up.

Your site can include the event program, attendee contact information, names of event organizers, event speakers, pricing, sponsor list and much more. Additionally, you cam customize the look and feel of the site with custom text, images, colors, themes and font.

So, now what?

Virtual event hosts today have access to an exponentially bigger scale of attendees and the ability to provide a high level of interaction, communication, networking, and engagement. 

Your startup will immensely benefit by adopting the virtual environment for your brand promotion strategy. To find out more on how you can leverage the various features of all-in-one platforms like Onlive to make your brand go global, get in touch with us!