| By: Jonathan Ivarsson

G2 Recognizes Onlive Among the Best Event Management Platforms

We are proud to announce that G2 Crowd has awarded Onlive, the title of ‘High Performer’ in the Grid Report of Spring 2022. It is one of the four distinguished quadrants in the G2 Crowd Grid. This prestigious award adds another feather to our cap as one of the best event management platforms.

G2 Crowd is a Chicago-based peer-to-peer review platform for business services and software. Its real-time reviews allow business technology buyers and investors to buy software and services more intelligently.

It aggregates the information from different reviews to score the business software products on the Grid market report. Based on the reviews and market data, it evaluates the software tools and provides ratings on the parameters of market presence, satisfaction, and ease of use.

Being recognized by a platform like G2 holds a significant value for us because it is trusted and relied on by users and industry leaders around the world. 

This is owing to its robust algorithms for identifying fraudulent reviews and employees in companies reviewing their own or their competitors’ products and services. The community further manually screens and votes on the reviews.

Hence, this award is a noteworthy addition to our reputation. It has all been made possible with the persistent efforts of our diligent team members. Our customer-oriented approach to the work has enabled us to provide people an all-in-one virtual event hosting experience through our platform seamlessly and hassle-free.

Today, they can reach a wider audience around the globe with their events by leveraging our platform. With the zeal to provide our customers with a holistic virtual event hosting experience, we have been able to provide them with numerous unique features on our platform. 

They are able to host over 100K attendees in their virtual events and simultaneously broadcast them live on different social platforms. 

Furthermore, using our platform, our customers can interact with each other, have productive conversations, and make meaningful connections by networking in the breakout rooms. They can further leverage the vast interaction and engagement opportunities to enrich their event experiences. 

Our 1:1 video networking facility allows them to establish effective and intimate communication with other attendees at a personal level. 

By constantly striving to improve their experience and acting on their valuable feedback, we have been able to prove ourselves as the best event management platform. We have turned our software into an all-in-one virtual events management platform, which offers a smooth event experience along with elaborate customizability. 

From sponsor pages, event sites, and banners to URLs, domains, and theme and color, such varied customization is unique to our event platforms. 

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