| By: Silas Neo

Four communication strategies to market your virtual event like a pro

Whilst the success of both online and offline events heavily depends on how they are marketed, it goes without saying that these days, the virtual domain offers more diverse and innovative options to promote events. However, this can be more of a hindrance as not all strategies work for a particular event. But rest assured, there are some virtual communication strategies that can help any event marketer deliver a clear and catchy message and we’re here to break them down for you!

Onlive’s virtual event platform bundles up all these communication strategies into a single dashboard. Thus, allowing you to market your event efficiently and effortlessly. Here we discuss the four primary marketing strategies that you can leverage to promote your event the right way.

Designing a custom microsite

A microsite is an isolated page which you can create specifically for your event. It is your attendees first impression of your event. Having a microsite helps you display the essential event information to your potential attendees as well as things like speakers’ details, relevant dates, and most importantly it is a way to register for the event. 

Given that it is your event’s first impression, you need to put enough time and effort into getting it right. Make sure you express your event motive through appealing and precise graphics. Typically, you need to work with a landing page designer and web developer to create this isolated microsite. But with Onlive, you can create your custom event microsite all by yourself!

Onlive hosts a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor to create a dynamic microsite page for registrations on your custom domain URL! All you have to do is follow these ten easy steps, and you have an event page that you can promote on your website or share via newsletters/an email blast to get the word out.

Email Communication

Almost everyone these days has an email address. After phone calls, it has been said that, emails are the second most preferred communication method. Our dependence on emails is what makes them a great marketing tool. In fact, this study by markletic shows that 76% of marketers say that email is the single most effective way to drive event registrations.

But email communication requires a proven strategy to succeed, which almost always includes:

  • Creating captivating body text and graphics for multiple emails
  • Planning and sending out frequent reminder emails and event updates 
  • Managing mailing lists and tracking registrations 
  • Sending ad-hoc notifications
  • Planning Thank You emails to keep the attendees connected for future events

Sounds stressful? It usually is. And getting any one of the steps wrong could ruin your chances of getting the best event results. However with Onlive’s tools it’s so simple to make sure you’ve got yourself covered!

Onlive boasts a comprehensive suite of email marketing features, from designing custom email content to sending them to bulk mailing lists. You can send automated reminders, event invites, ad-hoc email notifications, and even Thank You emails, all from a single communication channel. Go here to see the full list of actions you can perform through Onlive’s communication channel.

SMS communication

With the plethora of messaging apps out there, people rarely use SMS for conversations and yet, it is the preferred marketing communication channel with the highest open rate of 98% as shown in a study by Techjury. SMS notifications and updates are a staple communication method for businesses to broadcast timely and relevant information to their consumers.

You can utilize this traditional communication channel to ensure that your audience never misses out on an update or invitation. You can find many platforms that offer bulk SMS notifications, which may or may not have integrations with your event platform.

Onlive takes care of this for you by allowing you to send automated scheduled SMS notifications to your attendee contact lists right from your dashboard.

Repurposing Past Event Videos For Social Promotions

Social media platforms are a warzone of ads these days, where only the most engaging, innovative, and relevant content survives. For event promotions, the best type of content is easily digestible such as video, images, and other user-generated content that giving a quick event insight. 

So how do you do it? The easiest and most effective strategy here is to repurpose your past event assets to promote your next event. You can use the highlights of past events such as; highlight reels, attendee reviews, success statistics or virtually anything that can translate into value and benefit for your target audience. 

That’s another reason to adopt Onlive for your virtual events, as it allows you to record and download event sessions that can be reused for videos. Plus, you get intricate post-event reports including everything from attendance to revenue, which can be converted into promotional content.

Here’s a great article that explains six different ways you can repurpose your online event with Onlive and other tools.

Ready to market your virtual event like a pro?

Virtual events have become an integral part of global marketing and training strategies today. So it’s high time that event organizers partner with an all-in-one solution. An events platform equipped to run engaging and value-added events for the global audience. Onlive has set out to offer exactly this and much more. You can even try it for free and experience a whole new way of managing virtual events. 

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