| By: Silas Neo

Door Gift Ideas for Virtual Events

What are you missing most about in-person events? Aside from the obvious things, like human connection and a day away from your desk… It’s the freebies isn’t it 😉 Whilst COVID has changed the event landscape A LOT, it needn’t change everything. Here we run through our top 5 door gift ideas for virtual events…

But before we get down to our top 5, let’s take a quick look why door gifts are so important to your event. There’s no denying event door gifts are a great engagement tool. But why?

  • They show attendees that you have considered them and their needs
  • It makes your attendees feel special – you’re looking to impress them and what’s not to like about that?
  • It’s a fantastic way to get your brand name ‘out there’, especially when you combine it with the power of social media
  • You can create a buzz with your attendees and get them excited for the event or keep them remembering you long after

So it’s a no brainer. Now comes the fun part!

Virtual Event Door Gift Ideas 

1. Amazon Gift Card

Realistically, who isn’t going to enjoy or make use of an Amazon gift card? This digital option is a rock-solid virtual event door gift idea. It’s so easy to set up and use, and as long as you have the email address of your attendees, you’re able to send them an awesome event door gift that they’re able to spend any way they like. 

Tip: if you have guests in multiple countries make sure you purchase the voucher from their “local” Amazon so they can use it easily!

2. Branded Face Masks 

What better way to ‘’stop the spread’’ (and spread your name!) than to help all of your attendees feel protected as they continue to battle with the pandemic throughout 2021?

Offering branded face masks not only provides you with a fantastic marketing opportunity to get your name out there, but also will help to make the gift receiver feel special (especially if it looks good). Vistaprint is just one such option.

3. Food & Drink Hampers

Everyone enjoys eating out. However, most of us are unable to do that right now due to the pandemic. But have no fear, hampers are here! 

Food and drink hampers come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re often personalizable (added bonus points!). With this awesome virtual event door gift, you’re able to alter the contents in a way that fits your virtual event. This is the perfect door gift idea for smaller events when a company knows its attendees personally (e.g internal events). 

For small events where you know the attendees well enough to send items to their door also consider an uber eats/deliveroo or local delivery option to send treats for them to enjoy on the virtual event.

4. Virtual event experiences

As well as having to make virtual event door gifts easy to send, you need to consider the current time we live in (which, in most places is one with much more restricted movement!).

Gift your guests a virtual experience, there are so many to choose from whether its a virtual wine tasting, yoga session. movie night. The options are endless but virgin (online) experience days are a great place to start!

5. Give AND give back!

Sending your attendees a post event thank you? How about you include their door gift here?

Give it the gift that keeps giving by donating on behalf of your attendees. Re-directing the money you may have otherwise spent on door gifts to buy supplies for refugees (via chooselove) or fund a loan which could change someone’s life (via lendwithcare). Sending a charitable gift is a great way to give your attendees a feeling that they were part of something bigger!

Door gifts and engagement

Whilst ‘buzz’ and event recognition is a great use of event gifting, one of the biggest bonuses of a door gifts is to keep attendees present until the end of your event. This is sadly a little harder to do when events are virtual! But whilst you don’t have a physical door for them to leave through (and collect their gift) at the end of the day… there are still ways to keep them there until the end. Step in, Gamification!

59% of event organizers have gamification strategies to improve audience engagement, a sign that gamification really does work (are we’re not just bluffing because we are great at it!). Use this to your advantage and link your gifting to the event leaderboard. Announce the winner from your gamified event (at the end of the event) giving you a double whammy of increased event engagement and more people making it through to the end of the day!

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