| By: Jonathan Ivarsson

9 commandments for choosing the best webinar platform

Webinars are the go-to option if you are looking to create an engaging online event. With the onset of the “new normal” after the pandemic, many webinar platforms have launched, each with its unique features.  

But what do you need to look for while trying to pick the right platform for you? Today, we are looking at the top commandments to keep in mind when choosing your webinar platform. These are the functionalities that will ensure that you, your attendees, and speakers can experience a life-like engaging session. So, let’s dive in to see what these are…

Easy to use

Webinar platforms today bring a host of features to the table to make sure they offer the most well-rounded events. However, with increased features, things can quickly become complicated for users and attendees.  

Therefore, when picking a webinar platform for your next event, make sure that you choose a platform that needs no downloads and is intuitive so even a layperson can use it easily. Keep in mind that webinars today need to be accessible for everybody!


Does your webinar platform allow you to run events simultaneously? How many attendees does it allow you to have per event?  

While picking a platform for your next webinar, you must ask these questions. Scalability is an essential factor while conducting webinars and online events. Even the best webinar platforms might not be enough if they do not let you reach out to people at scale

Video Quality

Crystal clear communication is an imperative requirement from your online webinar platform. With internet speeds touching new highs, people want high-quality HD video streaming (1080p) during webinars and online events.  

If your webinar platform cannot offer uninterrupted streaming and simulcasting, then it might not be the right fit for you. Simulcasting is a feature that allows you to stream the webinar on multiple different channels simultaneously. 

Think beyond broadcast-style

Broadcast-style webinars and events are not the only way to have successful webinars anymore. When making your choice, ensure that your webinar platform goes beyond the basic broadcasting-style webinar.  

Some of the features that you must look for are webinars with engagement features, networking opportunities, and on-demand webinars.

Engagement features like reactions, polls, and gamification, allow attendees to interact with your event in real-time. Networking features like 1:1 conversations and two-way stream interactions allow your attendees to not just be viewers but active participants.  

Whilst on-demand webinars are accessible to attendees even after live sessions.


Does your webinar platform allow you to brand your events? Platforms like Onlive enable users to customize their webinars and online events end-to-end. 

This means you can brand your webinar with logos and build your registration website from scratch using customizable domain names, drag and drop features. It also allows you to market speakers, sponsors, and your brand seamlessly.  


When deciding on the budget, you should allot for your webinar platform, consider the following things:

  • How many registrations do they allow for each event? 
  • Does the platform have customizable options tailor-made for your needs?

Platforms like Onlive allow dynamic and level pricing models. You can easily pick the plan that suits your needs best or opt for an entirely customized plan. This way, you know that you are getting the value you pay for.

Feedback tools and analytics

Your webinar platform should collect data and provide you with insights from specific events, as well as across events. It should empower you to analyze everything from registration to revenue and engagement.

Data including unique viewers, repeat views, reactions, viewers per country, etc. can help you drastically improve your future webinar experience. 

You should also be able to conduct surveys to understand and analyze your webinar performance better. 


Data is the most expensive asset, and a great webinar platform should be able to protect your data. Choosing one that provides enterprise-grade security and is compliant with regulations like GDPR will allow you to expand your webinar audience beyond geographic limitations. 

It will also ensure that your company and customer data is completely protected from all third parties, thus assuring your attendees of their online privacy rights. Platforms such as Onlive are SOC2 attested, SSL-encrypted, penetration-tested, firewalled, and GDPR compliant. 

Duplicating events

What if you come across a winning webinar formula that works perfectly for your brand?

With the best webinar platforms such as Onlive, you can easily duplicate events and host them again. You have to pick the event you want to host again and click on the duplicate button. You could also add a new name and date, and that’s all! 

It will help you save a lot of time and effort to replicate your event’s success formula again and again.

Keep these top commandments in mind while choosing the right webinar platform from among the hundreds available. Onlive.io brings you all of the above features and more, helping you create the best webinars with ease.