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6 Ways Event Technology Can Help You Save Time And Effort

Managing events is the 5th most stressful job on earth, according to CareerCast.  ?

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In this post, we will be sharing a few hacks that you can easily apply to reduce stress, improve workflows, and lower admin time spent on managing events.

1. Schedule email invitations and other reminders in advance

You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to remember what emails need to be sent, and when to send each of them. Stay on top of your game by simply spending some time scheduling your marketing emails and any other guest communications.

What’s more, you don’t have to manually keep track of who to send which emails to! Event technology can help you with that by filtering reminders to those who have already RSVPed, and thank you notes to only the ones who showed up at your event.

Scheduling a thank you email in advance using an event software

2. Allow attendees to manage their own bookings

Gone are the days where event organizers have to babysit guests’ changes, typos, and flip-flopping. Today’s technology allows you to hand these responsibilities over to your attendees. By allowing guests to update their own booking details, transfer their tickets, and opt-out of the event by cancelling their registrations, you can free up more time to focus on other aspects of your event.

Designing a confirmation email with booking summary and buttons for editing and cancelling registrations using an event software

3. Keep your event sold out with waiting lists

As event organizers, nothing spells success more than having an event sold out fully. However, last minute cancellations can sometimes take a toll on your perfect statistics. According to the Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 9.07% – 12.95% probability of no-shows or late cancellations was estimated for a typical week in a hotel restaurant. This is the reason why many hotels (and airlines alike) tend to overbook their rooms (and flights)!

To combat fickle-minded guests, implementing a waiting list is the way to go. You can effortlessly ensure that all seats remain filled by notifying waitlisted guests when the tickets that they are interested in becomes available without risking overbooking your event. With Onlive, you will be able to manually approve potential attendees and have an automated waitlist invitation sent to them!

Managing and approving waitlisted guests using an event management software

4. Share the workload with your colleagues, superiors, or clients.

Do you have stakeholders or clients who need constant updates? What about an intern or entry-level employee whom you do not want having access to sensitive customer data? With Onlive, you can add collaborators and grant them different levels of access. In this manner, they can obtain all the information they need and contribute within their scope of work without being able to meddle with other aspects of your event that they shouldn’t be.

In addition, you can easily monitor collaborators’ actions from the activity log and stay updated on any changes. If you suffer from FOMO, you can even broadcast updates of attendees and collaborators to your Slack channel so that you will always be kept in the loop.

Activity feed of updates made by various collaborators in an event management software

5. Automatically notify guests of event details upon check-in

Aren’t we all familiar with bottleneck situations that tend to occur at the start of most events, when manual registration simply cannot keep up with the sudden influx of guest arrivals? The result is usually a throng of frustrated guests even before the event has officially begun! *shudders*

This situation can be mitigated with the simple solution of using self-check in kiosks. You can reduce on-site labour and miscommunication by having guests check themselves in simply by scanning their QR codes. Not only that, you can easily communicate seating arrangements to your guests by having it (or any other information) show up on the kiosks upon check-in. This will save you the trouble of having to print and display your table plans. You can even have this information be automatically sent to your guests via SMS once they have checked in as well to prevent hogging and overcrowding of the kiosks.

QR code and facial recognition check-in ipad kiosk and success SMS

6. You don’t have to set up everything twice

Are you running a series of similar, or recurring events? You don’t have to start from zero anymore! Instead of having to fill in the details and content from scratch every single time, you can quickly copy and paste an event by using our duplicate function. All you need to do is to modify certain information that needs updating and viola, you are done! Easy peasy.

Dashboard of an event management software with the duplicate function highlighted

Now that you are aware of these event hacks, you can do more and spend less (time and effort) by maximizing the latest event technologies! Sign up for Onlive today. It’s free, forever.

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